Boutique Private Equity

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joint-venturing with like-minded Entrepreneurs.

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We are a Boutique Private Equity Investor focusing on the Agri-Food, Healthcare and Housing sectors.

We invest in start-up and expansion-stage businesses with opportunities for exponential growth. We undertake extensive due diligence on the market opportunity and management team and assist in the development of a market strategy that drives long-term shareholder wealth creation. We will only work with highly intelligent, talented and ‘like-minded’ individuals who have the capability to drive the business execution towards a compelling vision.

Our business models seek dominance in niche-markets, typically through the early development of a competent operating platform that we then leverage through joint-venturing into geographical areas or trade channels within those niche-markets.

We like Asia, the Middle East and Nordic Europe and have significant experience in developing distribution businesses and mechanisms within those geographies, navigating through the various legal, financial and regulatory issues associated.

We have significant skills and experience in Deal origination, Terms Sheet and investment management, Business Planning, Legal documentation, Cross-Border legal, financial and regulatory management, Financing and Bank negotiation and all operational aspects associated with establishing and quickly growing a Business.

We require that all businesses we invest into provide a Corporate mandate to Uncommon Sense to ensure shareholder wealth optimization in the event of any Corporate activity or approach.

Whilst we operate on established Private Equity fundamentals, we have an evergreen approach to our investments, looking for opportunities as they present rather than as required by virtue of any IRR or Closed End Return of Capital.

Finally, we acknowledge that business partnerships are like marriages and we commit to each Business we invest into for the long term, bringing our deep experience in managing through the full range of business situations and personal circumstances of our operational business partners.

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